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The Institute of Computer Technology (ICT) is a university-wide workplace whose main mission is to ensure the solution of tasks related to the development and use of information and communication technologies at the Technical University of Košice (TUKE) in cooperation with faculty computer nodes. It is a regional node of the Slovak Academic Data Network SANET.


The main areas of ICT activity are:

  • The area of computer networks and network services where it ensures the development and operation of
    • the communication infrastructure of the university computer network TUNET which is connected to the nationwide academic computer network SANET at a transmission speed of 2 x 10 Gb/s. The central element of the TUNET computer network are two powerful backbone routers operating in a redundant connection to which distribution switches are redundantly connected at a transmission speed of 10 Gb/s. Access switches with a transmission speed of 1 Gb/s are connected to these distribution switches which are mainly used for connecting end workstations and IP phones.
    • network services for more than 1,750 TUKE employees and more than 9,000 students. The most important include e-mail, IP telephony and video conferencing solutions. These services are operated in a virtualized environment on modular (blade) servers and on disk arrays in a redundant environment. Another interesting to a user service is:
      • Cloud Computing (Infrastructure as a Service — IaaS model). TUKE responded to development trends in IT and new paradigms of service provision, the so-called cloud computing. A private cloud is in operation at TUKE which in terms of purpose is divided into two parts, namely TUKE cloud and SIVVP cloud. The TUKE cloud is intended for all employees and students and can be used for routine activities at work (eg development unit, experimental platform, etc.) or during study (eg development unit). The SIVVP cloud is used exclusively for research activities in accordance with the national project Slovak Infrastructure for High Performance Computing (SIVVP).
  • The area of information systems where it ensures:
    • the administration and operation of university-wide information systems including their integration, the most important of which are:​
      • MAIS academic information system with Admin, Officer, Student, Portal, E-application modules,
      • SAP R/3 economic information system including the Human Resources Management module,
      • SALTO key system enabling central management of access to the campus via the ramp system and to selected areas of TUKE buildings,
      • portal systems - TUKE Portal (TUKE web portal and support in creating faculty web portals) and Cognos portal (university pedagogical management support),
      • TUKE Moodle Learning Management System to support teaching,
      • TUKE Helpdesk for processing operational requests of users of all systems,
    • the development, implementation, management and operation of applications and systems such as:
      • Cards IS, Register of Persons, authentication of employees and students by card, Internal Phone Directory, Access System, Risk and Opportunity Register and administration of telephone services.

ICT participates in introducing modern information and communication technologies into university practice such as:

  • Virtualization of servers and data storage. Although the operation of virtualization platforms is more complex and demanding than the operation of a non-virtualized environment, it allows more efficient use of existing resources, faster deployment of production and testing solutions and faster recovery of operation after disasters. Physical servers with local disks are used only exceptionally and only in justified cases.
  • Backup of production environment. To increase fault tolerance, the production environment uses, in addition to the redundant configuration of technical means, the backup of operational data in order to restore operation from the last backup state before the failure.
  • Slovak Infrastructure for High Performance Computing (SIVVP) project. The main goal of the national SIVVP project was the establishment of regional supercomputer and grid centers at workplaces of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and at Slovak universities. The technical infrastructure supplemented with problem-oriented software is actively used by many TUKE workplaces. The technology of high performance computing with a large amount of parallel computations is currently a very powerful and effective tool for various classes of tasks in the field of modeling and designing.
  • The data center is equipped with redundant technologies both in the field of environmental management (power supply, air conditioning, monitoring) and in the field of data processing (multiprocessor systems with ECC RAM, disk arrays with RAID technologies, redundant network architectures).

In addition to the above areas, ICT provides professional innovation, purchase and service of university-wide computer technology.

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